About us

Flowers and clothes are two of my favorite things ever. So it made sense to me that I somehow incorporate that into naming my boutique! Just as flowers bloom into their final forms, we as people have the ability to grow and bloom into what makes us whole. This passion is truly who I am, what I love and has influenced me since I was a little girl. When I dressed up in plastic toy high heels, & when I would pretend my Mom’s curtains were dresses just to walk down our hallway like it was my runway, that’s where my journey started and my heart has never changed.

In 2016, I met my husband Andrew! Add in 3 kids, between school, sports, buying a new home, and life in general - let’s just say, things got busy!! I stayed home with our youngest son and in 2019 I bought a jewelry kit as a way to unwind. I got my creative juices flowing and began my first business - Clay earrings! I grew a widespread support with my sweet customers from all over the United States and local boutiques within my area. I enjoyed making earrings and making others feel pretty. My love for fashion, and accessories became a powerful tool in helping make the decision to make my dreams come to life by opening my own clothing boutique. In August 2021, I decided to take a leap of faith that my husband, family and friends all encouraged me to do over the years and open: In The Bloom.

I’m SO grateful for this new beginning & I count my blessings each + every day that God has blessed me with creative and girly ways in order to pursue something I love so much! I hope to continue following my passion and grow into a store front location, but in the meantime   “In The Bloom” is an online shopping oasis offering trendy + fresh styles for the everyday girl, no matter their age or body type.

We aim to welcome our new customers with new and evolving styles that are sure to make a long lasting impression, while also giving confidence and making you feel as pretty inside as you are out. We hope you find something you love here!!


With Love,